Sunday, 21 September 2008

Merseyside BNP descend on Stoke on Trent.

Yesterday saw one of the biggest days of action in the BNP's history. Twenty six Merseyside BNP members amongst five hundred peace loving, law abiding BNP members came to Stoke from all over Britain with one purpose, which was to respect a British life lost. Keith Browns life was un mercilessly taken away from him last year by a Muslim thug who was let off with a manslaughter charge despite an overwhelming amount of video evidence suggesting otherwise. This was a murder! No if no buts, but murder!

There is only so much intimidation that the "white" British people will take from the Government, the BBC and all the other ethnic minority groups who continually demand more from the majority tax payers while they put less into the tax system.

The Muslim community has got away with murder literally and the judiciary has given them a nod and a wink to do this along with the filthy Labour Party Government who can only rely on the Muslim vote to survive in the future.

There is a storm brewing amongst the British people because of these injustices and the Stoke day of action will only be a start of things to come. We will not be silenced, the British people will not be silenced.

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