Saturday, 13 September 2008

Labour Party disintegrating nicely.

Well its now become clear that six (update, now nine) Labour MP'S have voiced their concern over Gordon Brown's leadership. These six MP's are probably worried that they are going to get booted out at the next election, thus the gravy train lifestyle coming to a halt and the dole queue beckoning for these Labour crook's.. Whilst we are on the subject of the gravy train, on Monday we will have a look at our favourite telly tubby, Peter Kilfoyle's latest offering in the Anfield Walton Star, what a corker it is as well.

As regards the future of the Labour Party,who can tell what the future holds for them. Whatever happens it's going to be a bumpy ride for Gormless Gordon. The usual human reaction when people like this idiot are being pushed and forced through the mincer is to feel sorry for them. My advice is don't for one minute feel sorry for such a scheming, lying traitor to the British people. Gordon the fraud will be prepared to let people die this winter who are unable to keep themselves warm while he will want for nothing. The more he suffers at the hands of his own MP's the better as far as I'm concerned. Him along with Blair are responsible for the utter destruction of this once proud country.

To read article on Gordon Brown's demise click on orange headline above..Enjoy.

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