Monday, 15 September 2008

Peter Kilfoyle, Walton Labour MP, Comedian 2008

"MP's Lives are not as the media portrays"...This is what he states in the world of Peter Kilfoyle. (Anfield Walton Star 11/9/2008)

Isn't it interesting how MP's spend so much time trying to convince us the public that they aren't really that well off and that they are only just scraping an existence to survive. Well that's the impression I get anyway. Compare this to the way in which they will not walk from the position in Parliament until they are pushed out (sacked) or voted out at general elections, which we will be working on in Kilfoyles constituency before Gordon Brown inevitably gets sacked.

Kilfoyle admits that "I am better paid than I have been at £63,000 a year", "however I have no perks or second jobs". Really, is this the truth do you think? What about writing for your Anfield Walton Star comic then is this not a second job?. As regards the perks this really is a corker of a porky pie, of which pies we know Peter is all too fond of. Look Peter, we all know of the lavish expense accounts all the Labour crooks at Westminster take advantage of. To say otherwise is an insult to your electorate. You even played your part by voting to keep the expenses rolling in, a source indicated to us that you couldn't get to the vote quick enough considering the size of you.

In his article he further goes on to state and I quote "Most importantly , I can raise publicity on a cause by speaking publicly on behalf of my constituents". These comments have got to be the biggest insult to the Walton Electorate since the Labour Party promised us that we would get a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and then told us to do one after they got voted into Downing Street. Us at the BNP have long memories Peter and the file of deceit is growing.

There is only one cause that Peter Kilfoyle is interested in and that's himself and his burgeoning waistline. The British National Party will be working hard on behalf of the Walton constituents to make known the truth and reveal the many Labour Party lies in the run up to the general election. We are watching Peter and we will act.

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