Thursday, 18 September 2008

Britain’s Top Fashion Model Comes Out in Support of BNP!

One of Britain’s top fashion models, who has graced the cover of numerous magazines and was winner of Britain’s Next Top Model competition, the beautiful Lauren McAvoy, has publicly declared her support for the BNP.

Lauren took the brave step this afternoon when she was passing a roadside stand supporting Len Heather, BNP candidate in the Noak Bridge ward by-election being held in Basildon, Essex.

Lauren stopped her car, and, along with her mum, jumped out and asked if they could have their picture taken with Len. “We are great fans of the BNP,” Lauren said.

The picture was duly taken, and Lauren asked the BNP team to please let the public know who she was when the picture was put up on the BNP website.

Lauren, who has a diploma in civil engineering, won Cycle 3 of Britain’s Next Top Model in 2007. Her prize was a contract with Ruby & Millie Cosmetics, a modeling contract with Models 1, and a six-page fashion editorial and cover for Company magazine.

Way to go, Lauren! Thanks for the support!

Do I need to comment?


  1. great story this has brightened my week up from the doom and gloom of mcbrowns britain.i hope they all start coming out in support of us.
    see you all saturday.

  2. SCOUSEBNP, this is great news. I hope this courageous mother and daughter hold their nerve for the slandering that is going to come, from the anti British hate mob. Who are sponsered by the Labour Party of course.