Thursday, 4 September 2008

Economy on Prime Minister's agenda in visit to Liverpool..Really??!!

Gordon Brown will be in Liverpool today to announce yet more measures as part of his much talked about autumn relaunch.

Mr Brown, on his first visit to Liverpool during its flagship Capital of Culture year, is expected to talk about proposals to re-invigorate the economy of the region.


Lets face it Gordon Brown is no economic genius, this useless excuse for a Prime Minister is no King Midas. In fact everything he touches turns to disaster. He ripped off all the pensions, sold off all the countries gold reserves at rock bottom prices only to see the gold price rocket to record levels a little while later. He has single handed potentially taken this country into what is being described (by his now Chancellor) as could be the worst recession in sixty years.

I suspect the only salivating hero worshipers who will give Gordon a welcome in Liverpool today are the overweight Westminster Labour crooks, sorry Labour MP's who will lay out the red carpet for their gormless hero.

Gordon you are a fraud. You are a crap Prime Minister. You were an even worse Chancellor and lets face it you are going to get booted out at the next General election. I hope your Labour Party will never get back in because of the damage your Labour Party has inflicted on the country with your mad policies and the failed multicultural experiment. Roll on 2010 to see the back of the Labour Party and the corrupt filthy frauds who have conned the nation for so long.

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