Tuesday, 9 September 2008


THREE Muslim extremists have today been found guilty of plotting to kill hundreds of people in a massive terrorist murder campaign involving home-made bombs.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, 27, was the leader of an east London al Qaida-inspired terror cell, which planned to detonate home-made liquid bombs in attacks on British targets, including Heathrow Airport’s terminal three.


No one reading this blog site can say that the contributors to it are fascinated with Islam particularly. Most of our posts I would bet are contributed to the corrupt, dishonest politicians and not to the terrorist parasites in Britain that has become a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism in this country today. The reason for this post today is because of Gordon Brown's comments, farcical comments, comments that are an insult to all the law abiding British people, regardless of race, colour or creed.

Gordon Brown should be thrown in prison, the very least he should be tried in a court of law for the comments made on this you tube video (posted here Fri 5TH Sept).
Gordon blabbers on about "patience, humility, compassion, social justice (what a joke), shared values that unite us all".. Well I'm sorry Gordon you can leave me out of all of this if the end result of all this Islamic garbage you talk about produces Muslim suicide bombers by the conveyor belt full.

My offer still stands on buying you the ticket for your little walkabout in Bradford or Dewsbury. I'm not talking about visiting junior schools either, why don't you visit and have a talk with your Labour supporting, adult Muslim voters instead, this would be the "positive engagement" you love to tell us about so much.

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  1. Its ok for British soldiers to go to places like Afghanistan & Iraq & kill Muslims but its not ok for Muslims to try & blow us up here? they see it as war with their lands full of British soldiers, they are only doing to us what we are doing to them, you nazis are like sheep, in the land of the blind the one eyed man ( Griffin )is king,

  2. You are obviously missing the point. The BNP never wanted for our soldiers to go and fight in the wastelands of the savages who slit the throat of anything that moves, all in the name of Islam of course.

    Oh and another thing as you are defending the crusades of your murderous Muslim brothers why did they murder sixteen Chinese in China, just before the Olympics started ?. The Chinese have no quarrel with your lot, it was just because the Muslims are only interested in one thing, murder and wanting more land to grab in furthering the cult of the dead paedophile.

  3. I admit it i'm only a simple guy with simple tastes. I was brought up with basic British values of Truth and Justice for all.
    My quote: "The simple truth is that these three convicted Muslims should be hung for the crimes they have committed" Unquote.
    I for one would pull the lever.
    I don't doubt many other people are of the same opinion as well.