Friday, 19 September 2008

George Galloway gets verbally annihilated

Beautiful, really beautiful. David Henshaw of the recent undercover Mosque programmes which were aired on Channel four recently, tears George Galloway to shreds. Galloway likes to bully people on radio and if he does not like their opinion cuts them off air.

For anyone unfamiliar with George Galloway, he saluted Saddam Hussein and his indefatigability a few years back of which he later denied paying the Iraq dictator the tribute (even though it was filmed).

Galloway is pro Muslim rights, who in most peoples opinion defends the indefensible as regards Islam terrorising the western world with the threat of terrorism and suicide bombers. (disclaimer, While he does not defend terrorism by Islamics, there is a deafening silence from him when atrocities happen)

Enjoy the video of Galloway being verbally taken apart by David Henshaw. Many thanks to bobby for bringing the video to our attantion.


  1. Great interview, you must try and get it on the main BNP Website, everyone must see it.
    What a control freak Galloway is.

  2. Galloway what a sad individual he is.