Friday, 29 August 2008

Prison for Muslim Who Murdered BNP activist.

An Muslim man who killed his BNP activist neighbour in a dispute has been jailed for eight years.

Habib Khan, 50, of Stoke-on-Trent, was convicted in May of the manslaughter of 52-year-old Keith Brown who he stabbed with a kitchen knife in July 2007.


This article today is not a Merseyside item but a National one. Keith Brown was viciously murdered in cold blood last year by a knife wielding Muslim whilst the Muslim mans son was viciously attacking Keith's son. The Muslim Habib Khan was convicted of manslaughter only as the Jury was conned into believing that both men whilst fighting fell backwards onto a knife which was produced from nowhere by Muslim Habib Khan, it was a kitchen knife (there would be more chance of winning the lottery than falling backwards onto a knife).

Keith Brown's Widow now has to look after her eight children without their father.

The judicial system which serves this country makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach, because from the start of the trial the race card was played by the Muslim's defence team and the jury fell for the sob story presented by this vicious Muslim murderer who was on trial.

If this had been Keith Brown who had murdered Habib Khan, no doubt there would have been a statue of Khan already built in Stoke on Trent describing him as a saint, with a yearly minutes silence in remembrance of him.

A British life means nothing when murdered by these Muslim religious maniacs. They are protected by the state and this traitorous Labour Government. This is a day that Britain should hang its head in shame as true justice has not been served. This murderous Muslim maniac should have got life. The BNP is never going to let the memory of Keith Brown to be forgotten despite the best efforts by the powers that be to hush this vicious murder up.

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  1. Sorry?????? What the hell has this to do with Islam? This is about a deranged and very dangerous man. A religeous fanatic, yes, but the religion did not push him, his politics did, his misguided mentors and associates.

    What is the purpose of this blogsite? Islamaphobia, hatred? Who are you? What is your credentials to show that you know what you are talking about? You live where? Some town in the bible-belt? Have you travelled in the Muslim world? Did you study Islam in a college or university? Or are you just listening to your neighbours and the firt thing the media rush out?

  2. I see no reference to what Keith did to the Habib family, a life of hell that was recognised by the court.

    The murder is a murder and he will be punishe, this has nothing to do with religion except that Keith made it into the subject. he did not deserve to die or it, of course not! It is a shame that the Habibs did not take him and the BNP to caught for vilification and mental anguish.

    I feel for his wife and kids but at least get the facts and the perspective correct!

  3. sorry the first comment was for another blog, another islamaphobia site in the US.....