Monday, 17 March 2008

Woman charged with murder of cyclist in Anfield

A 25-year-old woman was last night charged with the murder of a woman stabbed to death in Liverpool as she rode her bicycle.
Rachel Jones, 26, from Anfield, was stabbed in Woodville Terrace on Friday night after getting into an argument with two women, Merseyside Police said.
Four women were subsequently arrested on suspicion of the murder.
Last night Louise Gardner, 25, of Mallow Road, Anfield, was charged with Miss Jones’s murder. She is due to appear at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court today.
The three other women, aged 19, 25, and 49, were released on police bail.


Its sad to see anyone murdered, horrible to see it in your city and shocking to find out that it involved a group of women. You don't expect to see stories like this with women killing someone, but I guess it just shows that society has been so screwed up by these liberals that these things will start to happen more and more.
The government and councils are more interested in addressing problems of ethnic minorities and other countries than that of the Indigenous British people. BNP would change this and make sure the money is spent on the BRITISH people, we would also not tolerate murder and would allow judges sentence criminals to death if the evidence is strong enough such as the use of DNA.

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