Wednesday, 19 March 2008

At the Council!

Last night a team of BNP candidates attended the meeting in the council chamber to pick up the candidate packs and to ask any questions that we wanted answers too. There was not that many people there considering how many candidates stand in Liverpool across all 30 wards, but we recognised some faces.

One of the filthy vermin creatures from the Labour Party asked whether parties could use the PO boxes as their printed and published address on elections literature, this is because the BNP in Merseyside use the PO box and it just shows that we have them filthy dirty cretins in the Liverpool Labour party worried and they are looking for anything to get us disqualified. However we do things by the book, we will be watching their EVERY move in Liverpool in these elections.

Our Organiser asked about if we can do anything to people distributing illegal literature in reference to third parties such as the communist thugs who call themselves Searchlight, more like searchlies. All they said is that we should contact the police, we will do that and we will make sure we have video/camera evidence.

Then one of our candidates asked whether it is illegal for political parties to give out 'Vote Labour' stickers on the grounds of the polling station to which the answer was yes. So we will get them on that if they try to intimidate the voters at the polling station.

The BNP asking these questions seemed to cause a bit of a stir, with the Labour cretins jumping to the defensive because they know its their activity we was referring too. Put it this way Labour we are coming for YOU!

See you on May 1st!

P.s. Anyone wanting to stand and put the two fingers up to Labour should contact us ASAP, we will do everything for you.

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