Saturday, 29 March 2008

Labour Party Parasites

Refurbishing the home and garden of the Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin's has cost the taxpayer £1.7 million. The bill includes more than £700,000 on furnishing and improving his official residence, figures released to The Daily Telegraph reveal today.

A further £992,000 has been spent on the Speaker's garden although most of this work has been to improve security.


I hope everyone reading this article will start to realise why we need a new order of things in this country politically. While all normal people struggle to meet daily bills and perhaps have to go to netto instead of Sainsbury's, the political class in the commons have no such worries. Everything they do is on a free "tax payers" ticket. Its caviar and champagne for them while we have egg and chips. Heaven forbid that an MP today has to put their hand in their pocket and pay for something. Come the local elections we can show our disgust at this blatant nose rubbing of their "free wealth" at our expense by voting BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY on May 1st.

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