Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The BNP, Why it is called “Our Quiet Revolution”

IF the British National Party’s candidate Mark Logan, had been defeated in the Gooshays Ward by-election for Havering Council last Thursday there would have been lengthy reports on the BBC News website as well as in The Guardian and the Daily Mirror. But Mark Logan won, and the silence from the media was deafening, which is why we call the growing electoral popularity of the BNP - Our Quiet Revolution.

On the same day, the British National Party also contested a seat in rural West Sussex where our candidate Albert Bodle, was standing for the first time in Yapton Ward for Arun District Council. Here the BNP came from nowhere, to come within seven votes of snatching second place from the Liberal Democrats and secured an incredible 20% of the vote.


Come the local elections in May we will be going about our business quietly in Merseyside also. Every year the BNP will try and put extra candidates than the previous year giving disgruntled voters a chance to vote for a non PC alternative that will speak up for the silenced British people.

If you are not registered to vote then please get in touch with your local council so you may be added to the electoral register to vote.

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