Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Merseyside police chief defends use of cautions

MERSEYSIDE’S Chief Constable said the use of cautions in Merseyside is the lowest in the country last night.Bernard Hogan-Howe was talking in response to a the Daily Post report yesterday which revealed cautions had been used for offences including GBH, sexual assault on a male under 13 and burglary in the region.

But Mr Hogan-Howe said the use of cautions was an effective deterrent and reduces reoffending.He said: “The caution rate in Merseyside is relatively low, in fact it is the lowest in the country.


What a crock of crap. I must apologise to the readers about my cheap use of words but obviously Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's old spin doctor must be in Merseyside Polices employ. Its very simple really, If anyone commits a crime charge them. What is the point of the tax payers on Merseyside paying the extortionate rates of Council tax towards policing costs if the police are simply not up to the job.

Its also being reported today that the Government are offering foreign prisoners £3,000 in bribes to leave the country when their sentence is up, who says that crime doesn't pay. Kick them out with not a single penny paid to them, that's what I say.

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