Sunday, 9 March 2008

Thousands lose their funeral expense cover!

THOUSANDS of people across Merseyside have been left without money to pay for their funerals.
Distressed pensioners last night vented their anger at Liverpool-based Medicash for withdrawing the benefit as of April 1.
Policy holders who thought their funeral costs were covered will now have to find the money themselves.
Medicash last night said it had been forced into the move by a third party insurer deciding not to cover them for the funeral costs.
The move also means more than 100,000 members of the health care cash plan provider will no longer be entitled to payments towards rehabilitation at home and convalescence.


This is a disgrace, pensioners should not have to worry about stupid things like this. I wonder if the government will step in and help these poor pensioners who may be forced to find money to cover funeral costs now.
Maybe if the government wasn't taxing pensioners to death and eating into their savings then they wouldn't have to worry about joining such schemes and would happily have a nice little savings for their funeral when they die.

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