Friday, 14 March 2008

UK’s first mosque to get £2.5m repair work!

WORK has started on a £2.5m project to restore Britain’s first mosque.
The derelict grade II listed Georgian Brougham Terrace in Tuebrook is to be transformed into a heritage and education centre.
This month work began on treating the dry rot in the timbers and repairing the roof to make it watertight.
Now fundraisers are facing a race against time to raise £150,000 to cover the cost of the work.
The project is a tribute to Liverpool lawyer William Henry Quilliam, who converted to Islam after visiting Morocco in 1887 and changed his name to Abdullah Quilliam.


So the Islamification of Liverpool is stepping up a gear, its being turned into a 'heritage and education' centre more like Sharia Court and Jihad Training facility. I just hope that none of our tax money is spent on this thing, I am sure that Liverpool BNP will keep a close eye on the situation and make sure our tax money is not waisted on this thing.

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  1. No problem raising a mere £150,000 or indeed £2.5 million for anything to do with Islam in the west. Just e-mail the Saudi Royal Family at Jedda and the money transfer will almost instant.
    Sorry, talking about idiots here. Just apply to the British Lottery Fund or one of a miriad of other so called Brirish charities set up to help the underprivileged. They will soon get all the money they need.