Monday, 3 March 2008

465,000 Merseyside children may be living in poverty by 2010

UP TO 465,000 children will be living in poverty in the region at the end of the decade without drastic action to rescue a failing government pledge to help them, a hard-hitting report warns today.

The study by MPs urges Chancellor Alistair Darling to dramatically step up efforts to get poor parents into work, provide affordable childcare and boost benefits in order to halve child poverty by 2010, as promised.
Otherwise, it warns, the flagship pledge – made by Tony Blair in 1999 – will be missed by close to one million children, leaving up to 2.7m living below the breadline.


Whatever happens, rest assured these targets will not be met by 2010. That year is a make or break year for this corrupt, thieving "I want more for me" Labour Government. By 2010 Gordon will have to announce the date for the general election. They will "spin" any figures to make them look favourable while hiding the true facts.

In Liverpool the most deprived Wards are run by Labour Councillors, what does this say? The BNP are the only Party that could take head on the problems associated with child poverty. Even reducing the thieving MP's expenses by a fraction would make a small impact on the problem. The millions that are spent on re housing asylum seekers and immigrants would be stopped by a BNP Government, which could be ploughed to tackle the child poverty problem. The Labour Party continues to "flirt" with these "new arrivals" as they are prospective votes for them, if they are soft with them. The BNP will put British children first, because they deserve to be put first.

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  1. By the year 2010 i doubt very much that finances will be allowed to help British Children. the new influx that will occur with 9 more muslim countries being granted the status of free trade areas in 2010.
    When the EU constitution is ratified the voices of the British already muted will become silent with the demands thousands of new immigrants into the UK will make.
    The rush job is on get everything tied up before the majority of not just UK folk find out but across Europe. realise their nations were sold off to Arabs way back in the 70s for that damned oil again.
    RABAT COMMITMENT..MEDEA..ANNA LINDT FOUDATION.EUMED. BARCELONA DECLARATION..ETC ETC...When milliband announced recently europe should expand he knew full well it already had. we've been paying Arab states trillions over the past 4 wonder they could never get the eu accounts cleared..their dirty little secret would be out.
    Ever wondered why our politicians jump when told to by certain groups?
    Now you know!