Friday, 21 March 2008

Labour MPs accused of "hypocrisy" over post office closures

LABOUR MPs in the region were accused of hypocrisy yesterday after fighting to save local post offices - only to back the controversial closure programme at Westminster.

The Conservatives fiercely criticised six Merseyside and North Cheshire MPs who failed to vote to halt the closures pending a review, in a crunch vote that slashed Labour’s majority to just 20.

They said the MPs – Joe Benton (Bootle), Ben Chapman (Wirral South), Claire Curtis-Thomas (Crosby), Louise Ellman (Liverpool Riverside), Andrew Miller (Ellesmere Port and Neston) and Christine Russell (Chester) – had campaigned against axing post offices in their constituencies.


The Labour party are without doubt the Party that are the biggest threat to the British people's well being in the future. Their total disregard for the democratic process would not look out of place in old Communist Russia or now Communist China. The Labour MP's are indeed hypocrites, liars and deviants. The Labour Party sponsor violence and thuggery through the Searchlight organisation. My fellow contributor on this site labels them as vermin which may be a bit of an injustice to rodents and the like who have no control over their actions.

The local elections are soon to be upon us, but sooner than we think the General Elections. We will on this site over the next few years be paying particular attention to one Peter Kilfoyle, the opportunist rodent, sorry MP for Walton. His weekly contributions in the Anfield Walton Star are farcical bordering on hysterical. His arguments, point of views have more holes than a tea strainer and a file of hypocrisy and his deceit is being compiled as I write. Readers will be put in the picture on this "traitors" actions in future posts.

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