Monday, 24 March 2008

Muslim chaplain’s anger at airport ‘discrimination’

A MUSLIM Chaplain from Liverpool claims “discriminatory” interrogation is happening on a regular basis at Manchester Airport.

Adam Kelwick, from Wavertree, says he was stopped and questioned for two hours on arrival at the airport as he returned from a Middle Eastern business trip on Wednesday, the third time this has happened since the introduction of the Terrorism Act in 2006.He claims officials searched his lap top, phone, asked for his bank account pin number and put a string of questions to him.

"It is ironic, I was travelling in traditional Muslim dress, but an international terrorist isn’t going to fly around the world with a beard and a gown on".


Everyone reading this post please read the last quoted sentence for pure nonsense. An International terrorist will use any form of dress for transatlantic hopping, why? because death or arrest holds no fears for these fanatics. Let me make my views clear on this site. The strap on back pack variety of terrorist, even the one with a penchant for wearing traditional Islamic women clothing should be strip searched on departing and upon arrival in this country. Remember Parvis Khan 37, from Birmingham, he wanted to behead a British Muslim soldier burn the soldier's body and parade his head on a stick, while posting the video on the internet. Please check the CCTV that SKY have on this terrorist filth during his airport adventures. Show no mercy as far as I am concerned, the time of appeasing has got to stop.

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