Thursday, 7 February 2008

Jacqui Smith calls Chief constables on immigrant crimewave

The week before last we were reading headlines in the Liverpool Echo about crime dropping to its lowest point since 2003 in Merseyside. All this ahem ahem over a three month period July to September 2007 which shows 7,029 fewer crimes than the same time in 2006. To me this report was poppycock for want of a better word.

All of a sudden our kebab munching Home Secretary Jacqui Smith seems so concerned about recent "crimewave comments" from various police chief constables, she has found it necessary to summon 43 of them because of an immigrant crimewave. I am not suggesting that all crime is down to immigrants because its not. What is clear is that an ever increasing percentage of crime also unreported crime is down to immigrants.

Common sense must tell us that over the next five to ten years with a Conservative estimate of another 3.5 million immigrants (5 to 6 million more likely) that life will become intolerable in this country. Neither Labour, the Conservatives, the Lib Dems have the policies or the know how to solve this problem.

The British National Party will close the door to immigrants full stop. More funds and financing can then be diverted to the police to tackle this immigrant crimewave, something Jacqui Smith or the other political parties will not do.



  1. Just wait untill Turkey gets the green light for Euro-membership. They have 70 million peasants waiting to get their free housing, handouts and whatnot. Guess were they will be heading and theres nothing the British Government can do about it. See you on the streets boys and girls.

  2. 860 a day arriving so we are told more like2400 a day we will soon be out voted and we will have no say wake up every one for god sake BNP 4ME// Our children grandchildren will be fighting strangers for the food and water as global warming shrinks the world and its food supplies dwindle They are coming from Kenya/Sudan/Ivory coast/Afghanistan/iraq/Romania/Bulgaria/saudi/
    darfur/uganda/all for free hand out's dont blame them BLAME THE DOGS OUR MASTERS IN POWER the traitors who are lining their pockets and their family s who are profiting from our hard work// Terence