Friday, 1 February 2008

Kirkby Residents Revolt Against Councillors And Stadium Plans.

OPPONENTS of Everton’s plans to relocate to Kirkby are planning to oust “unsupportive” councillors at this May’s elections.
Kirkby Residents Action Group (Krag) will ask residents attending tonight’s meeting at the Catholic Holy Angels Church to stand as independent candidates in Knowsley’s local elections.

One day it will dawn on the self fulfilling councillors that they are accountable to the people to do a job for the people, not the other way round. Ward councillors should represent their constituents and listen to the/any objections that the voters have in that ward.

There is nothing that a councillor hates more than to give truthfull answers on an emmotive subject to an angry crowd.Especially if you are the ward councillor! Let the firework's begin


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