Monday, 18 February 2008

Call for new scheme to combat rising fuel costs

WIRRAL Council will tonight consider calls for a scheme to combat fuel poverty in the borough.
Recent price hikes in fuel costs have prompted the calls for increased efforts to address the problems, and for local MPs to back a review of the energy market.
Liberal Democrat councillor Paula Southwood said: “The recent rises in fuel prices will hit those on fixed incomes the hardest.
“Since Wirral has a higher- than-average older population and some of the most deprived wards in the country, this situation will leave many more Wirral residents in financial hardship.


Is that what they call it now "fuel poverty", in political circles, we call useless announcements "soundbites". A few years ago this country was nearly brought to its knees because of the fuel blockade, the price of a litre casting my mind back was about 90 pence per litre of diesel. Today it is £1.08 per litre. Now the cost of gas and electric has rocketed while all these companies make hundreds of millions in profits and people will suffer as a result of this...Nothing ever gets done.

Liberal Democrat councillor Paula Southwood should really lobby her local MP to discuss why this Labour Government gives hundreds of millions of pounds in aid to India per year, this a country who have their own space programme!!...Think what we could do with this money instead. The British national party would not pay one pence to useless foreign aid programmes when our own country needs the money more.

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