Monday, 11 February 2008

Wirral GP suspended in probe over patients safety

A MERSEYSIDE GP was suspended amid hygiene concerns and fears for patient safety.
Dr Vinod Shiralkar is being investigated by the General Medical Council. A leaked report revealed how National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) investigators were so shocked they warned Wirral Primary Care Trust of concerns for the safety of the Leasowe GP’s 1,070 patients.

The confidential document, details a shocking series of alleged blunders at the Twickenham Drive practice including:
Failing to follow up a symptom which could have indicated the sexual abuse of a one-year- old baby.

Is it any wonder these days that going to the doctors or for a short stay in hospital should come with a government health warning.

Its all very well flooding this countries health practises and hospitals with "third world professionals" so should we not expect in return third world service and hygiene practises. The truth is the government give the impression of a professional skill shortage in this country as regards doctors, junior doctors but this is just a lie. There are thousands of British junior doctors who graduate, who are chomping at the bit to get a hospital place, only to be refused to employ the cheaper alternative from abroad. Indeed a percentage of the British graduates move abroad to Canada, Australia in an attempt to further their careers.

The BNP would stop "importing" third world professionals and would concentrate on promoting British jobs for British people. This is not a soundbite but a promise.

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  1. Loyal BNP, I think you need to change you user name mate.You admit the best chance the British people have is the BNP so we will just leave at that.

    Nicks going nowhere and Mark is a valued member of the BNP, as were the recently departed ex members on the other site. They chose to go their own way, if you feel this way post on their site and dont spoil our site please.