Thursday, 14 February 2008

Doctor condemns Liverpool's elderly care plans as ‘an insult’

A LEADING doctor has launched a fierce attack on care for the elderly in Liverpool”.
Geriatric care expert Dr Gillian Malster expressed her concern at an AGM held by a patients group in Crosby yesterday.
The Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Forum of Liverpool’s Royal and Broadgreen hospitals were discussing redevelopment plans for the Royal, which they believe will result in the loss of more than 300 hospital beds.


One of the most scandalous things that's happening in society today is how the government treats the elderly. You would think that the very people who have been the backbone of the country, paid into the taxation system all their lives would get something back in return. WRONG!!

It is quite clear that "additional funding" is being syphoned and directed into "other areas" which as far as I am concerned don't deserve it (questions on a postcard). The British National Party believe we owe it to the older generations, to take proper care of them, out of respect for them making Great Britain "Great".We put British people first, because we deserve to be first.

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