Thursday, 28 February 2008

Council taxes to go up an average £67 a household

COUNCIL tax bills across Liverpool will increase by a total of 4.8%, or £67 for the average household.It comes after Liverpool City Council's Liberal Democrat administration announced yesterday it was planning to increase its share by 4.9%.

When added to the Fire Authority's 4% rise and the Police Authority's 5% increase it means bills across the city will go up by 4.8% from April.If approved by the full council on March 5, the typical band A households will pay an extra £44.79 bringing their bills to £964.25, while those in the average band D will pay £1446.38 – a rise of £67.19.


Its not even funny any more. Is there ever going to be a year when any sort of tax does not rise. There will become a breaking point when all of us simply say you can have the clothes off my back as well. Its been well documented on this site how wasteful Liverpool council has been, but I see no chance in the future of any reduction either. I would also like to remind everyone that the economy and all of Britain should also be coining it in, all of us better off due to millions coming into the country on the cheap!...Where are the benefits then? I cannot see them.

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  1. the welfare state was set up and paid for by the indigenous people of this country and has been the envy of the world/it was set up to look after our people after all the suffering ewe endured it is now corrupt beyond belief we need another Oliver Cromwell in the guise of Nick Griffin//To rid us of the thieving cheating lying scum in government we may then get a tax reduction , we will get our tv license money back as the bbc will go private or bust