Monday, 25 February 2008

Lord Mayor’s parade to be spectacularly eco-friendly And Diverse

THIS year’s Lord Mayor’s Parade in Liverpool is expected to be the greenest ever staged.“The Lord Mayor’s parade is a great way for people to give to charity, have a great deal of fun and show off Liverpool’s uniquely diverse community at the same time.
“We are trying to give the event a much greener emphasis, as no one wants to parade behind smelly petrol or diesel fumes which release greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.


Lord Mayors parade I have no problem with. The politically correct rubbish that is the "celebration of Liverpool's uniquely diverse community" somewhat leaves a sour taste in the mouth. I wonder why the likes of Labour councillors in celebrating these diverse communities only celebrates at "arms length", as long as these diverse communities are not in their back yard shall we say. Hypocrites the lot of them.

As regards the greenhouse gasses situation this Labour councillor would do better to lobby the thieving gits in Parliament, which are the Labour MP's who fly their family to London with discount air flights using MP's air miles, which is I understand against Parliamentary rules. Oh and lets not forget the taxis all over London for his wife as well just to do the days shopping. (Michael

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