Saturday, 2 February 2008

Meet the BNP's blonde bombshell!

Today the BNP has made the National newspapers with a Double spread story in the Daily Mail. The article is fairly good, but tries not to promote the BNP as they can get in trouble for that.

What community wouldn't be proud to have a Donna Bailey in its midst?
Committed to civic improvement, she's just as determined to mend broken swings
in the park as she is to stop teenagers hanging around the local corner shop in
the evenings. Such is the message coming from the fellow mothers huddled in the
park in question, a sorely neglected corner of the quaint West Sussex village of
Upper Beeding. The mums here call Donna - a warm, blue-eyed beautician, who
offers facials at very reasonable rates - one of their own, which in itself is
something of an accolade.

They tell you that Upper Beeding is actually the sort
of place where you are an outsider until your family has lived here for three
generations. Donna, 41, however, has been brought into the fold in an
astonishing four years, since moving here with her three children to start a new
life after a painful divorce. "She's a marvellous person. She's just thrown
herself-into helping the community, and there aren't a lot of people like that
around these days," explains Lorraine Blain, 38, who runs the local pub.

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