Friday, 29 February 2008

£15m injection to regenerate rundown areas on Mersyeside

A CONTROVERSIAL housing scheme to regenerate rundown areas on Merseyside is to receive a total of £152m between now and 2011.

The New Heartlands housing renewal scheme is the biggest beneficiary in the north-west of a national £1bn Government programme which aims to improve areas where houses are empty or unsaleable – in many cases by widespread demolition and building new homes.The Merseyside scheme covers 130,000 homes across Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral.It will receive £54m this year, £51m in 2009/10, and £47m in 2010/11. The Government said the money would be used to “restore stable communities”.


What exactly does "restore stable communities" mean. When I see statements or comments like these the alarm bells in my head start ringing. The problem with councils and Government is that they tell you things but of which does not mean a thing. I wonder who will be given preference to all these nice new houses once the building work has been completed as well and which areas are going to be the kucky ones to receive the cash.

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