Saturday, 16 February 2008

Faking It - Dodgy NHS Workers Lie On CVs

A third of NHS Trusts have identified health workers using fake CVs or lying about criminal convictions, according to research seen by Sky News.
The survey was carried out by the CV checking company NDF Associates using the Freedom of Information Act.
It found a third of the 40 Trusts polled had had problems with fraudulent applications.


We commented on unqualified doctors this week putting the lives of NHS patients at risk.

Now it seems the problem may be endemic in this country. The Government along with local councils are guilty of not providing the very basic checks required as regards the qualifications of these so called "professionals". I have to be honest, I wouldn't be to happy knowing I went in for brain surgery, only to find out later the doctor was only a qualified chiropodist. As the infection of "enforced multiculturalism" takes a deeper hold on our lives, will it get to the stage where we, ourselves, have to request to the doctors to prove that they are, who they say they are.

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