Sunday, 17 February 2008

I want a European referendum

In the 2005 election the Government promised to hold a referendum on the proposed EU Constitution. Later that year, French and Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected the Constitution in their own referendums.
But EU leaders refused to listen. They are now trying to reintroduce the rejected Constitution in the form of a new treaty. Although they have changed the name, the contents are almost exactly the same. This is a deeply dishonest process.


Most of our MP's will want to hush this under the carpet, effectively signing our countries rights away and getting the "treaty" in through the back door. The very idea of discussion with "your own" MP is likely to end with a dismissive swat of the hand and quotes like "I do not believe in a referendum on ANY topic" and there was me thinking they worked for us..This was the reply I received from my Labour MP on Friday. The Labour party have the power to allow this country to decide, but they wont for fear of the result reflecting on the public dissatisfaction with the government. This explains the obvious hostile and dismissive reactions from the Labour MP's as such.

There is a day of action in London on the 27th February outside Parliament, with various pickup points through the country. If you would like to attend click on the link to enquire below.

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