Friday, 22 February 2008

BNP coverage attracts huge response

Today's article is not a local one. Such is the pulling power of the BNP bearing in mind the Party is still in its infancy, wherever the Party leader goes we gain attention and attract new members. A perfect example has been Nick Griffins visit this week to Hastings down South. In a Democratic country everyone has a right to listen to an opposing viewpoint.

This Labour Government have been without doubt the most deceitful, evasive, dishonest government that I can think of, they have tried to do everything that can be described as being "anti democratic" as regards our BNP party. "Spin" which is a descriptive word for being disingenuous or duplicitous with the facts is something that goes hand in hand with this treasonous Labor Party.

The British National Party is the ONLY British party that will and can represent the true interests of the British people.

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