Friday, 22 February 2008

Huyton homes hit by burst water main!

AT LEAST 1,000 households were without water and up to 60 homes left flooded after a massive water mains burst in Huyton.

Residents living around Liverpool Road, at its junction with Bakers Green Road, rushed to save what belongings they could after torrents of water gushed into their street shortly before 4pm yesterday.


This is a disgrace that residents can have their homes damaged due to the incompetence of Private companies who fail to maintain their pipes. This just shows how privatization of essential utilities such as water is a complete and utter failure, water, electricity and gas should be brought back under public ownership where they are run to provide a service not to make a profit. We can not hold these companies to account like we can hold the politicians to account, how can these residents be sure that a main pipe wont burst again and ruin their homes for a third time?
The private companies should be forced to pay for all the damage caused by their incompetence so that residents do not need to claim it on their insurance.


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