Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Please take part in our poll on the Superlambbananas, it can be found on the side of the blog. What are your thoughts on these things that have appeared all around Liverpool?
Are they a waste of money or have they helped to add to Liverpool culture?
Please post your comments here and also send in any pics you may have of these things.


  1. They brighten up the city and are paid for by private money I think so don't cost the city anything.

  2. They have been getting stolen so have waisted police time and money.

  3. I saw a small child bashing one with a sledge hammer, I feel the same, the child manage to smash its ear off, the damaged lamb bannana can be seen on Townsend Lane near Clubmoor,

  4. The Heraldry of our city has always been represented in Liverpool by our very own famous Liverbird,an iconic image,also a fine piece of ART identified worldwide it has certainly stood the test of time. until now... ' Our city now under this Libdem council is being represented around the World with a degenerate piece of art called the super lamb banana almost making our famous heraldry(History) the Liverbird redundant,it makes me very suspicious that this super lambbanana may be being groomed to replace our long standing emblem the Liverbird,not just on every council bin in our city but on every document and paper that leaves our Town Hall... In Oldham it used to be the Owl, now gone,In Blackburn it was a wild boar,now gone..In Cambodia Polpot called it year ZERO ?What are our children being forced to remember about this excuse of a culture year where our own national culture has been set aside in favor of others......