Monday, 21 July 2008

Ian Hernon, Liverpool Echo "Blinkered" Imbecile

Like most of the columnists at the Liverpool Echo its interesting to read the articles written by them that are obviously "left wing byas" seen through rose tinted Labour spectacles. I refer to today's Echo article by plant pot Ian Hernon. I too lived and saw what happened through every minute of the Thatcher era, but I have also lived through every minute of the the Blair era also. I describe one as being a true British patriot, the other a self serving, lying white collar murdering swine who has done more to sell the rights of British people than Thatcher ever did. Everyone in the country knew WMD was an outrageous lie, apart from Labour Ministers and the columnists in the Liverpool Echo no doubt. How many British lives have been lost in Iraq because of this lie?.What about the 750,000 innocent Iraqi men women and children who were murdered by Blair along with Bush, a point that the Liverpool Echo and their columnists have overlooked.

The Toxteth riots unless my memory serves me correctly was down to and caused by the Merseyside police for their stop and search racist policy which was being directed at the Black ethnic minorities in Toxteth.

Hernon's Thatcher reference with Herman Goering and heavy industries is a laugh. Blair and Browns Labour Britain is now Britain for the migrant and immigrant worker. A British skilled man has got no chance of finding a decently paid job because he is positively discriminated against in favour of less qualified people who have the right looking complexion all with a nod and a wink from this traitorous Labour Government.

I have never voted for either the Conservatives or Labour, but at least Thatcher I can describe as being British, something the traitors Brown and Blair will never be.

To read Hernon's article click on headline.

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