Friday, 25 July 2008

Come in Gordon Brown, Your time is up.

I have to say that I am absolutely delighted at the the mire the Labour Party are in at this moment. I have never seen a parliamentary Bi-Election result as sensational as this one last night with the Scottish Electorate kicking Gordon good and proper where it hurts and that's at the ballot box. I don't think there has been a Prime Minister and Party that has been hated as much as this one is currently. They are both collectively hand in hand a bunch of frauds. Today we have had the usual ragbag of tired and worn out Labour spokespeople dishing out the usual drivel of "we have to get our house in order, we are feeling the countries pain with food, fuel and oil prices, etc, etc, etc"..But what gets done to resolve all these problems?, absolutely nothing!!

There is no doubt that the Conservatives with Cameron are going to get in at the next General Election. The biggest vote winner for the Conservatives is the fact that Gordon Brown is leading the Labour Party. Lets not be fooled though that the Conservatives have got the "Midas touch" with the problems that the country is now experiencing, the problems are too deep rooted for them to be fixed quick term. Because of this "politically correct" state that the country is in there is nothing that the Conservatives could do anyway and it will be more of the same as the disaster that the Labour Party has been.

The country is at at a crossroads where the electorate need to reevaluate how they vote. Just because its always been the LibLabCon it doesn't mean it always has to be that way. Last night with the SNP getting in in Glasgow East was the perfect example of the electorate making this point.

The long term outlook for this country is bleak and dark, even under a Conservative rule it will be as bad. Labours politically correct, multicultural experiment has fallen flat on its face and I for one will not be mourning for the demise of Labour, Gordon Brown and co.

The British National Party (BNP) has the policies and the leadership to turn this mess around. Roll on the next General Election, thats what I say.

To read the article on the demise of Labour and Gordon Brown click on headline.

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