Monday, 14 July 2008

Knife offenders to meet stab victims.." Another Labour crackpot idea"!!

MERSEYSIDE and Lancashire are two of eight "hotspot" areas across the country where youths caught with knives will be confronted with stabbing victims in a bid to deter the carrying of weapons.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced a number of shock tactics that will be used in a bid to curb knife crime.

Tactics include visits to A&E wards where people are being treated for knife wounds, meetings with the families of stabbing victims, and prison visits to offenders jailed for knife offences.


Tell me if I am wrong here please. If you have just been viciously wounded, stabbed and are lucky to be alive, surely the last thing you would want to see when coming around in hospital is someone who has attempted to murder someone else through a knife crime. Gordon Brown is quick to "deceive" everyone that crime has fallen one third since 1997 but in the other breath he states that prison places for sentenced offenders has increased to 93,000 from 60,000 from the Conservatives in 1997, hardly a decrease in my opinion. Everyone knows that crime has rocketed and the "real crime figures" are doctored.

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