Saturday, 26 July 2008

Mersey MP calls for challenge to Gordon Brown

A SENIOR Mersey MP broke ranks last night to urge fellow Labour MPs to consider ditching Gordon Brown in the wake of the Glasgow by-election disaster.George Howarth, the Knowsley North and Sefton East MP, said the shock result – the loss of Labour’s 25th safest seat on a 22.5% swing – showed the party was in a “gravely difficult position”.
The former home office minister rejected the view that Labour’s unpopularity was the result of rising food, fuel and mortgage prices, rather than the prime minister himself.


Well the dust has not even settled on the Glasgow East Labour election disaster and already the Labour Westminster thieves are distancing themselves from the political disaster that is Gordon Brown. You have got to give it to these, ahem "honourable people", the only time they actually look concerned about anything is when their gravy train, freeloading MP lifestyles are at threat. You know when things are really serious when Peter Kilfoyle (MP,Labour Walton) comes out with his usual comments that carry as much weight as Gordon Brown saying something that he actually believes is going to be beneficial to the British people. Anyway if Kilfoyle gets voted out at the next General election it would save the tax payers a fortune in pies and sausage roll money, kilfoyle may actually lose a bit of weight even and that goes for the rest of the overweight Labour freeloaders at Westminster. Good riddance to the lot of them!

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