Thursday, 31 July 2008

Taking the p*ss!!!!

Families were last night reeling from a devastating 35 per cent rise in gas bills – the biggest ever.

It is the second time that British Gas has raised prices in less than seven months.

Critics condemned the move for coming at a time when millions of households are already struggling to cope with spiralling fuel bills.


I do not know how much more I can take. I am being seriously and brutally honest here. How many increases have there been now?, two maybe three increases of twenty five percent or more. This amounts to increases of more than one hundred percent in our gas and electricity bills in the last two years!!

Privatisation of the utilities in my opinion is the worst thing that has happened to this country. Its all about profits at the expense of misery to millions of householders throughout Britain. This clown of a Prime Minister "gormless Gordon Brown" economic genius of Britain has said that Labour has given us ten years of growth. Where for *uck sake is the growth?!!.Oh silly me, its ten years of growth in the immigrant, Muslim, terrorist, asylum seeker population invading this country...However my financial situation without a doubt is shrinking under this traitorous filth government, but hey we get what we vote for don't we.

Do any of you out there think that the people in charge will struggle?..Yeh right! I don't know why I even asked, they (in charge) probably own the gas and electric companies or have thousands of shares in them. This country is not too far from breaking or falling apart, that's for certain as it seems now that going to work means working to pay out more and more money to these white collar robbers.

As for me I'm just on my way out to do another twelve hour shift, the way its going I may have to start working eighteen hour days to cover these costs. I cannot wait for the next general election.

To read article click on link. Enjoy what you read. Hail the Labour Party !

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