Monday, 28 July 2008

Liverpool Council attempt to bully and intimidate BNP member!

THE former owner of Liverpool’s Quiggins centre has been warned by the city’s Culture Company about using the 08 logo to promote the British National Party.

Hill Dickinson, the Culture Company’s solicitors, have written to BNP party member Peter Tierney threatening legal action over his use of a version of the Liverpool 08 logo on an advertising hoarding he tows behind a vehicle.

The threat comes in the same month they contacted former Culture Company chief executive Jason Harborow for using the logo on the website of a consultancy firm he set up after leaving the company.

But Mr Tierney, who trades as Peter Quiggins from his antique dealership on Aigburth Road, claims the threats are unnecessary and heavy-handed.


Yet again we see that excersing free speech is only for the people in charge or indirectly connected to the people in power. Lets face it, the Daily post and the Liverpool Echo collectively are rag bag papers with second rate columnists and writers who dream of bigger things. It is clear that democracy and freedom of speech is not supported by these comics. It is fantastic that the likes of Peter Tierney is standing up for what he believes in despite the bully boy tactics of a few and behind the scene trouble makers of Liverpool Council. We are under no doubt that if Peter Tierney was not a member and supporter of the BNP that no or any legal action would be taken against him, or 'threats' of legal action. God help anyone in Liverool for having an opinion, shame on Liverpool Council and shame on Liverpool Echo and Daily Post for not standing up for the 'little man' on the street. But what else would you expect from these hypocrites.

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