Friday, 4 July 2008

Gordon Brown, British Economy Genius...NOT!!!

UK consumer spending power has fallen "dramatically" due to a large rise in the cost of living, research by Ernst & Young suggests. The average household is 15% worse off than it was five years ago, the Annual Discretionary Income Study says.

After household bills and tax, it found the typical family had less than 20% of its gross income remaining - compared with 28% in 2003. It added that rate rises and fuel bills meant "the worst could be yet to come".


What a prat gormless Gordon Brown is. He was a lucky chancellor and is a useless Prime minister, the worst in British history without a doubt. All this idiot talks about is "long term decisions, short term decisions, lets see what happens in the next few months with the economy, house prices will start to rise shortly".

This Labour Party under his leadership has led the British people up the garden path through spin, lies and deceit. If ten people were knifed to death he would tell his advisers to announce it was five. Your time is coming Gordon and the sooner you and skint Party are booted out of power the better the country will be. I cannot wait.

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