Saturday, 5 July 2008

Judge’s outburst at China drugs farmer

A LIVERPOOL crown court judge launched an astonishing attack on UK immigration policy as he jailed a Chinese cannabis farmer.Judge Ian Trigger said “substantial” numbers of immigrants were abusing the “easygoing and lax regime” operated in the UK.

And he said “hordes” of illegal newcomers were being brought to the UK by criminal gangs.Feng Chen was caught going to tend 1,000 cannabis plants in three rooms of a house in Waterloo. He was jailed for three years.

Judge Trigger told the father-of-one: “Your case illustrates how professional organisations are bringing in hordes of illegal immigrants to these overcrowded shores.

“It also illustrates how substantial numbers of immigrants like you grossly abuse the easygoing and lax regime that exists in our society for the protection of indigenous people.

“No doubt one of the attractions of this country to people like you is the ease with which one can live without performing any meaningful work or by resorting to generous state handouts.”


Well the previous three posts have been about second rate British clowns so this is a refreshing change to post something which most of the British people believe know and think about. Immigrants flood into this country to take advantage of the very lax benefit rules which are designed and geared to them on a points system. How refreshing for a judge to come out with a bit of sense and slate this dope farmer but direct his venom at the bigger immigrant picture. I think we need to stick this judge in ten Downing street. He would be a lot more useful than the cardboard cutout Prime minister that currently occupies that address.

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