Saturday, 12 July 2008

PM Vows Knife Crime Crackdown ....."YEH RIGHT" !!!

The Prime Minister's has called the recent spate of stabbings in the last few days "shocking and tragic".

Gordon Brown has said the Government will announce new measures to the problems on Monday."The dreadful loss of life in just 24 hours graphically illustrates the need for everyone to pull together to put an end to this unacceptable violence," he said.

He spoke out after four people were killed in separate knife attacks in London in 24 hours - a fifth man remains fighting for his life.


If there is one thing that Gordon Brown will be remembered for, then it will be for doing nothing. While the country is falling apart he skips off to Japan of which his main focus of attention is, wait for it, Zimbabwe!!. Even that was a waste of time as Russia and the Chinese voted against any sanctions to be taken on that country. Gordon Brown could not even control a class full of infant children if asked to do so such is the cluelesness of this imbecile Labour Prime Minister. Back to all the knife murdering and butchering in London (four knife murders yesterday). This Monday's "soundbite" announcement will achieve nothing as does everything that Gordon Brown does. In fact the mere fact that he has spoken will only increase the knife problem such is the authority of the man. The BNP are the only party that will tackle this knife problem head on, because we know that it is an "immigrant problem", here is where we need to start. Take that bit of good advice Gordon and you and your crackpot Labour party may do something positive for the country before there is no one left to murder!

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