Saturday, 5 July 2008

Peter OINK OINK Kilfoyle (Liverpool Walton),

Well it appears our overweight telly tubby John Prescott lookalike Peter Kilfoyle, Labour Liverpool Walton MP (body double only) voted with the pigs to keep their noses firmly in the trough. Most Liverpool people can only dream of the lifestyles these self serving, white collar thieves who call themselves MP's enjoy.

I wonder if this doughnut eating, trifle scoffing honourable ?? member of Parliament will bragging to the penniless people who elected him at the last General Election that he's laughing at all of us at the tax payers expense. Will he announce it in the Anfield Walton Star why he thinks the thieves in Westminster deserve the perks while the country is on its knees. Lets watch this space.

To read the names on the list of shame click on the headline above.

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