Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Shooting victim hobbles into pub!

A MAN sought refuge in a Liverpool pub after he was shot in a late-night attack.

The 23-year-old victim was with friends in Wavertree Road, Edge Hill, at around 11.20pm yesterday when a lone gunman approached.

In what is believed to be a retaliation or warning shooting, the startled victim was shot at several times as he tried to get away.

But when the gunman caught up he blasted his victim once in the foot from close range.

--- Comment ---

Can a day not go past without reports of shooting or stabbings? It is getting very pathetic now and shows no signs of improvement, the politicians are afraid to deal with the issues properly. How many people need to die before people wake up to what is going on and see that the idiots and buffoons they are electing are no good for nothing fools?
Are people going to wait till someone in their family is hurt or killed before they stand up and vote for the BNP who will deal with these issues and get them sorted. We are not afraid of being tough on these issues, we will take what ever measures are needed even if that means putting these 'gangsters' to the rope.
But we will also deal with where the problem starts, the youth we will teach the youth discipline and respect. There is no respect for authority now as they have more rights than the adults and the police so they grow up thinking they can get away with anything.
Don't wait till its too late, STAND UP NOW AND BE COUNTED - JOIN THE BNP!

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