Thursday, 31 January 2008

Two Mersey MPs may face having to fire wives

TWO of the region’s MPs could be forced to fire their wives after Westminster’s latest “sleaze” scandal triggered a call for a ban on employing relatives.

I have to be perfectly honest here, watching MP's squirm and eventually throw in the towel with a resignation is something I will never tire of watching. The scandal over the last few days as regards the Conservative MP Derek Conway reminds us all as to what a greedy, self serving lot ninety nine percent of the MP's are. Derek CONway in my eyes has commited nothing short of a massive "white collar" fraud. Lets be even more frank, if this was a social security fiddle for the amounts Conway has "filtered away" he would be looking at at least two years in prison.

He and others deserve everything they get and there are others in Parliament who will be getting a bit uncomfortable with what has unraveled.


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