Monday, 1 December 2008

UAF anti democrats, guest appearance by Communist Alec Mcfadden at the end.

This footage from you tube was filmed by a very brave person who was on the front line on Saturday the 29th November 2008. This was the day of the BNP protest for the 13 activists who were wrongly arrested on the orders of Jacqui Smith and Gordon Brown a week earlier.

At the end of the film a special appearance was made by Alec McFadden the anti democrat who stifles anything to do with free speech and also a sinister person who works in the shadows hiding behind everyone else in the process. McFadden is the one who speaks the now immortalised words "he's a fascist" (These are the only words in his vocabulary)...Note how all his goons try to stop the person filming this sinister communist McFadden who hates to be filmed, while he will try and pressurise employers to sack anyone in a job who is a member of the BNP.


  1. Pure class video,

  2. The last days of Labour and their stooges1 December 2008 at 20:34

    These people are sick, using duped, naive, middleclass teenagers who have no idea what they are supporting to bolster the shabby number of 10 old lonely, pathetic, pseudo communist missfits.

    A friend said to me the other day, these people would have no lifes if it were not for the BNP as no one is buying their communist filth - no one!

    For heavens sake they have to stoop so low as to protest, a protest to get attention all on the back of the popularity of the BNP!

    The last of the dinosaurs, who ironically through backing Labour and their stooge unions are supporting the fat cats, the banksters and the massive global corporations, while destroying the working classes!

    If they weren't so sick you'd have to laugh!

  3. Both sides only succeeded in annoying shoppers. Both sides have grossly inflated the numbers who turned up to support them. Both sides should be ashamed if that is the best they can do bussing in activists. The BNP has no popularity but then neither have the anti-fascists. Wake up people - you are sad! The rest of the world gets on with its life, its own politics and its own concerns. You both just play at it, exaggerating like the sad kid in the playground.

  4. British Nationalist2 December 2008 at 01:35

    So anonymous 22.16 I take it you are either a lonely Merseyside Conservative voter or a brainless Lib Dem who hasn't got a clue what they want.