Friday, 1 August 2008

Brilliant Meeting Held in Liverpool!

Last night (Thursday 31st July) saw Liverpool BNP hold a meeting that saw it break 2 records. The first was the attendance which was counted at 110, the second record was the amount raised which was an amazing £855 which will go into helping the Branch campaign on merseyside maybe annoy the council some more. Everyone was impressed with the meeting and the turnout which we did not expect such a high turnout especially this time of year and with the credit crunch hitting people hard. However this just goes to show how motivated our members and supporters are now and how much the party is growing especially on Merseyside. Against all the odds of what our enemies are throwing at us we are growing strong.

The guest speaker of the night was Nick Griffin Chairman of the BNP, he gave a very good speech on the credit crisis that we face. He explained what is happening, what will happen and what we as a party will do about it. The speech was well received with him receiving a standing ovation at the end, such a great speech may of also helped us raise so much money.

We also saw new things at the meeting, we sold our own merchandise such as badges, mugs and mouse mats. This is the first time the Branch has done this and it was a great success and we will do this again and also get in more stock to give the people more choice.

Thank you for those that visited from Wales, Wigan, Warrington and any anyone else who visited and I have missed out. Also good to see people from the British Democracy Forum.

If you would like to get involved or come to meetings please get in touch, the contact details can be found on the banner or to the side of the blog.


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  4. Really well done lads, in Red heartland as well.

    The annoyance of the anonymous posters above is shining through, their impotence to stop democracy is very pleasing.


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