Saturday, 2 August 2008

18 year old who was attacked dies!

A TEENAGER battered in a homophobic attack on Merseyside today (Saturday) lost his fight for life.

Michael Causer, 18, was assaulted on Tarbock Road, Huyton, at around 11am last Friday, July 25.

It is alleged he was set upon by two men, who have both been arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm.

The ECHO understands the pair - James O’Connor and Gavin Alker - will be rearrested by detectives in the coming days and the charge will be upgraded to murder.

Michael was found by paramedics lying still in a pool of blood. He was taken to Whiston Hospital where, last weekend, doctors performed emergency surgery in an attempt to stem the swelling on his brain.

His distraught family kept a bedside vigil as he was moved to the specialist neurology centre at Walton but Michael died at around 12.30pm today.


Now I felt this important to report on due to the fact that this lad was a very young boy with all his life ahead of him. Nobody should be attacked never mind being killed when they haven't done anything wrong. To us in the BNP whether this was a homophobic killing, racist killing or random killing is not an issue, the issue is that someone has been murdered and they should all be treated the same and should face the same penalty and that is a noose around the neck.

Society is in such a disgusting state that we have young people being stabbed, shot and beaten to death, this must be stopped now. Politicians are not offering any solutions, instead they think its best to send the filth on holidays as they are deprived and that's why they are scum bags. Well we say its not, society was much poorer in the past but we didn't have these problems. We need to bring back discipline and make sure that the youth have and know respect and discipline.

Our condolences go to Michael's family and friends and we hope they get the justice that they deserve.

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