Monday, 25 August 2008

Big names join summer party to fight racism! - More like drug fest!

THE Merseyside branch of Love Music Hate Racism has announced details of its Big Summer Party, to be held in Liverpool on August 31.

Headliners at the event, to be held at the Picket, include renowned rapper Skinnyman and local soul stars The Elementals.

The Big Summer Party, which comes after 100,000 people attended its sister event in London's Victoria Park, will bring together a host of local, national and international artists.

Performances as diverse as rap poet Curtis Watt and Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies will perform throughout the day, reflecting the rich diversity of the people and cultures of Merseyside.

“The Big Summer Party aims to spread a positive and uplifting anti-racism message to the people of Liverpool,” said Martin Timson of LMHR.

“At a time when the racist and fascist British National Party is trying to increase its vote in local elections, this could not come at a more crucial time.”

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So we are going to see a party with second rate artists and get together of hippies and drug addicts. What I don't think these people understand is that the people who attend these events don't care about the message they just go for the 2nd rate music and a chance to have a bit of fun with their friends.

When the people of Merseyside see the type of people involved in these things I am sure it will only help us achieve better results in the elections. These people are alright lecturing about the 'evils' of the BNP but they wont stand for election themselves and take part in the democratic process which they like to say we threaten which is just another one of their sad and pathetic lies.

We will also be interested to see how much public money is spent on this event from funding to policing costs, we have a magical thing called Freedom of Information Act now which I am determined to put to good use. The BNP have only just started in Merseyside, if they are worried now they will not like to see what we will be doing in the future when we are certain we will get our first councillors.

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