Thursday, 14 August 2008

Peter Kilfoyle Watch

As we get closer to the General Election and the very welcome fact that Gordon Brown is going to get booted out of Downing street for being a fraudulent Prime Minister. We will be running reports on how the other Labour imbeciles in Liverpool (mainly Peter Kilfoyle) are shaping up to these elections.

The only thing that Peter Kilfoyle has as a safety cushion is the size of his waist and the winning majority from the last election. As we have seen from the Glasgow East election recently, these massive majorities can be overturned.

He stated recently that "he wakes up as if in a nightmare only to find he hasn't been to sleep" (Anfield Walton Star, 7Th August)..How bloody pathetic can you get. This is a Labour politician who recently voted to keep the gravy train expenses in Parliament for him and his corrupt friends in Westminster. This politician is without substance, personality or character and merely patronises the electorate who elected him in his Walton Constituency. Roll on the next general election, that's what I say.

Updated reports on this Labour buffoon and others will follow through the year.

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