Thursday, 7 August 2008

Justice Minister Jack Straw has let me down says angry Michael Shields

JAILED Liverpool fan Michael Shields has attacked Jack Straw in a scathing letter from his prison cell.The 21-year-old wrote to the Justice Minister who last month said he did not have the power to grant him early release.

In the letter written from Haverigg Prison, the former Edge Hill student likens Britain to the Bulgarian state that jailed him.In his letter he said: "I start this letter by saying how disappointed I am by your decision and empty promises".


Welcome to the real world Michael. Do you honestly believe that a British Labour politician would be interested in your plight. Even when Jack Straw last showed his face in Liverpool over the Ken Bigley kidnapping it was just for a photo opportunity, he wasn't really bothered about Ken so there's not much hope for you mate. Maybe if you had terrorist connections to Osama Bin Laden you may have been out by now. All the terrorists in Britain seem to be out on tag, hey why don't you try and claim asylum you would have ten people looking at your case then.

Talking about useless Labour politicians I wonder if the useless fat lump of lard Peter Kilfoyle will pull his snout out of the trough and fight for Everton FC to stay put, now that there is a problem with the move to Knowsley.

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